Eric Holder reportedly was involved in a separate incident before he murdered Nipsey Hussle. Before he caused a tragedy outside of the Marathon Store he is detailed to have pistol-whipped a man elsewhere over a bad drug deal.

TMZ reports witness statements submitted to prosecutors details two women who shared information about a male friend who was assaulted by Holder just one hour prior to the shooting. The L.A. County DA’s Office states Holder lived in the same building as the man he beat with a gun, stating they used to hang out and smoke together.

Holder is believed to have shown up at the apartment of the unidentified man and accused him of selling him weed that was laced with another substance. The conversation moved into the hallway and Holder was detailed as “breathing very heavily and appeared very excited and very agitated.” The conversation took a turn, resulting in the man being hit in the back of the head.

While the man was knocked to the ground, he states he was able to see the gun. The weapon was described as a “big silver gun” and “semi-automatic.”

The women admitted to seeling Holder weed, $10 worth, but state it came from a dispensary and was not containing any other substance to their knowledge.