When the world lost pro skater and model Dylan Rieder back in 2016 due to complications from leukemia, a void was left in the skate community that is still felt to this day. To celebrate what would’ve been his 31st birthday, HUF is releasing a new iteration of his signature Dylan Driver sneaker in a fitting bronze colorway.

The full-grain metallic leather upper gives the shoe a premium finish, and the lambskin inner lining makes for an even greater luxe appeal. Hand-crafted in America, each sneaker comes with gold branding on the insoles that feature Dylan’s signature on the footbed and a special “In loving memory of Dylan Rieder” inscription along the side. The EVA midsole and Vibram outsole ensure a comfortable fit, and the shoe in general is a well-executed tribute to an individual that will be missed for decades to come. For those in the LA area this weekend, HUF will be hosting a photo show to commemorate both the release and Rieder’s memory overall (RSVP here), with photos in the show being auctioned off to benefit the City of Hope Treatment Center where cancer research is practiced specifically.

HUF’s commemorative Dylan Driver tribute colorway will be limited to 150 pairs and drop exclusive at HUF flagships this Sunday for Dylan Rieder’s birthday (May 26), followed by a wider release on HUFWorldwide.com starting May 28. Get a better look below:

R.I.P. Dylan Rieder — may your legacy continue to ride on…