Kanye West is the next guest on David Letterman’s Netflix special, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Kim Kardashian tweeted a preview of the upcoming episode. “Kanye opens up to David Letterman-like you’ve never seen him on My Next Guest, streaming on @Netflix May 31,” she wrote.

“This would have been the funnest time of her life, to have those kids running around that house,” West says as his wife watches from the audience.

“I remember my mother bought me a bear that was multicolored, and I was very into [Japanese contemporary artist] Takashi Murakami at that time on that third album, Graduation,” West recalls. “She said it kind of, you know, feels like Takashi Murakami. And then I was sort of like, ‘I don’t want that, that ain’t no Takashi Murakami bear, and stuff like that.

“And then she passed…a few weeks after,” he continues, “and I did everything I could to find that bear and place that bear on top of all the Takashi Murakami stuff I had in the house.”

Season 2 of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction premieres on Netflix May 31.