Rapper DaBaby might not be the rapper to try and front on.

Don’t believe us, check out the viral clip of him knocking out and knocking the pants off of rival rapper, Cam Coldheart  while casually shopping in a designer store. Apparently, his crew is also as gully as their boss. According to a Boston’s CBS affiliate, during a performance at the Centro Night Club in Boston, his entourage locked in on a local rapper named Don Trag and allegedly sent him to the hospital with a concussion.

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What was the offense?

Don Trag’s mom says that her son was the opening act on the roster and afterwards was only trying to get a picture with the emerging emcee right before he was to go on stage to perform. Needless to say the performance never took place as it is alleged that the people around DaBaby brutally kicked and punched Trag. His mother further goes on to tell the media that while her child was originally admitted into the Lawrence General Hospital and  later signed himself out, by the time he arrived him at his mother’s home, he collapsed and had to be aken to another Boston-area hospital.

Mother Trag says, “Every time he stands, he falls down, so they’re doing CTs and cat scans.” She also has already tapped legal representation.

But DaBaby won’t only be occupied with this legal situation in Lawrence, the club promoters may also be suiting up for their day in court (unless things get settled).

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The promoters, NTS Entertainment, who booked DaBaby for the show are pissed that their investment went awry. Apparently, despite not performing, DaBaby took the advance money for the show. Reports say that NTS is trying not to go before the law- and working with DaBaby and his team for a replacement show in either Boston on Connecticut. This is where it gets tricky. DaBaby does not have to perform as his contract may have been compromised.

Other reports state that if the artist feels that his safety is jeopardy he could leave. Sources around the DaBaby maintains that the promoters did not have enough security for the controversial star.

In regards to Trag? According to TMZ, police are having a difficult time trying to get witnesses to cooperate with the statements.