Among the many inspiring and Informative panel discussions hosted during Broccoli con. The “Magical C suite – Getting to the top on your own terms” Panel definitely stood out the most. Aside from the fact that each panelist was a top executive in their field they were each incredible black women, making the panel all the more eye-opening.

Lead by Live Nation’s Heather Lowery. The group of women leaders discussed their road to success, the hurdles they jumped and how not to become lost nor sacrifice your integrity on your way to the top

Below we’ve listed some of the Gems these women dropped on attendees, be sure to let us know which spoke to you the most.

Nadia Rawlinson
Be true to who you are always
Plan but don’t over plan
Work by your own standards “ you should be able to look in the mirror every day and be happy with your choices”
Have a sense of honesty with your self

Jeanine Liburd
Create a great team of people who truly believe in your vision
Manage your time ( write things down, plan on paper
Create your own system no matter what anyone thinks, if it works for you it works
Don’t ever think you have to work alone
Enjoy the space your in, and don’t put to much pressure on your self “the world is continuing to change there is no real order to things”

Bozoma Saint John
Create your own journey there are no real paths to follow in life nor to duplicate everyone’s different with a different story, so create your own
Allow our self to feel emotions it’s ok to not be ok and ask for help “ specifically black women”
Create a support system and remember to nurture these relationships “you can’t get support from places you don’t give to”
Changing your mind is ok, it’s ok to be nimble