The fifth season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago continues tonight, however, the cast and production company are facing a lawsuit.

Back in February, a fight that was aired on VH1 broke out between S.P., a guest to a shop function, was wounded and bleeding. The incident began as an argument and escalated to a fight between Junior Diaz and S.P. The fight turned into a brawl once S.P. spits on a woman who was a guest in the shop.

Now S.P., born Ronnie Spates, is suing cast members Ryan Henry, Van Johnson, Don Brumfield and Junior Diaz for their roles in the fight, citing he “suffered serious physical injuries.” According to The Chicago Tribune, the court documents state Spates believes he was jumped, while also issuing a suit to Big Fish Entertainment for “providing large quantities of alcoholic beverages” and their security “failed to prevent the attacks.”

Spates is aiming to receive over $50,000 and lawsuit costs from each cast member and Big Fish.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago returns June 4 on VH1.