On an episode of The Real, Adrienne Bailon was asked how long can she go without having an orgasm and this was her first response: “With somebody or myself? Because we all know engaging in sexual intercourse with somebody else isn’t the only way to get off.”

After gaining clarity that the question meant no type of sexual gratification including toys, Bailon revealed that she can’t go more than half a day without giving her lady down there some love. “I’d say a good 12 hours. No that’s a long time! That’s turnaround time.”

She continued, “It is more of an erotic thing. Like Karma Sutra-esque. I have enjoyed it, therefore, I would gladly reciprocate that erotic feeling. You guys it is a real thing.”

Although Adrienne and her husband, Israel, are at the end of their newly-wed, honeymoon phase she says that they keep their sex life a priority.

I know that we discussed before I got married, how frequently I’d have sex. Well, I have an announcement today. I’ve kept my word. The girls were telling me, you’re not going to have sex every day when you get married. You think you’re going to, but you’re going to be tired some days. Currently, I am still thugging it out and I’m enjoying it and I have not missed a day.”