Staying above ground in a city most known for its violence and lack of musical growth despite its stars can be a daunting task but Pure Yayo makes it look easy while being immersed in the St.  Louis Arch’s silhouette.  The Arch has had a dramatic significance in Pure’s life and he pays homage to the landmark in his breakout single, Da Arch.

The rapper is taking his troubles and hardships and transcending it to a new wave of sound coming out of “The Lou”. He says, “he has a real passion for music and its therapeutic for him.  From losing his mother and two brothers he wants to make sure that their efforts are not in vain and he has something to prove.  St.  Louis is just a hard place to make it out of.   I want to put out genuine music from the heart.  My music is for everybody,” said Yayo.

Yayo lays his pain to rest on the frequencies transmitted from the 808’s. The untold story of an unconditional loyalty to family, an unspoken bond of brotherhood and a level of respect that runs deeper than the depths of space are only fractions of what makes Yayo pure.

“I’m tryna take my family to the next level by chasing my dreams,” Pure Yayo says as he continues to charter through muddy waters and the glistening hope of success, Yayo’s infectious drive has enabled him to further position himself at the forefront as the next artist to rise out of Missouri.  His mixtape Da Gateway is on all platforms.  Check it out.