Open up the championship celebration two pack from Drake on your streaming platform of choice, except you Spotify users, and scroll to the bottom. Did you notice there is no CASH MONEY / YOUNG MONEY tag in the label area? That is because Drake is a free agent, his own boss.

Fans online have noticed that the record label has changed up on the bottom of the release and lists Frozen Moments LLC with licensing through Republic Records, instead of the house that Birdman and Lil Wayne built as it did through the first near-decade of his career.

Billboard noticed that Spotify is the only streaming platform not to list the label situation as β€œ2019 Frozen Moments, LLC, under exclusive licensing to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.” The publication also confirms Frozen Moments has previously been listed on additional OVO projects. Previously, there was speculation that Scorpion was the wrap on the deal. It now looks to be true.

Complex has previously confirmed the LLC is not a record label, which provides the necessity for Republic Records.

So Drake, about that full album under this new collaboration?