PUMA has been spending a lot of time recently either bringing back throwback silhouettes from the vault (see: CELL Alien OG) or dropping new ones altogether, like the PUMA STORM that debuted last month for instance. The next drop from the brand leans towards the latter, introducing a new sneaker in the RS line called the RS 9.8.

The name of the silhouette actually has deeper meaning that plays to the shoe’s construction, as RS 9.8 is derived from the 9.8 metres per second for the gravitational acceleration of any object falling freely near Earth’s surface. In short, this terminology relates to PUMA’s running system technology that gives the lightweight silhouette momentum and overall support. Elements like the RS foam and extra cushioned sock liners are core features that bring the theme altogether, and the variety of colorways in the initial launch gives the shoe an extra boost of appeal. If we keep getting drops like this over the next few months, this is sure to be one of the best summer of sneaker releases to date.

The PUMA RS 9.8 arrives starting July 20. We’ll keep you updated on pricing and retail locations that will carry the shoe, but peep the first round of colorways below in the meantime: