All good things must come to an end. The Walking Dead comic is ending. The final issue will be released on Wednesday to the shock of many fans.

The ending was announced via a statement showcasing a lengthy essay from the creator Robert Kirkman, as he explains why he chose to end the comic without warning or warning fans: “This is the end of The Walking Dead. That’s it… it’s over… we’re done. I’m sure you have a million questions… and I’m sure you feel as emotional about all this as we do… if not more so. I’m completely willing to bet some of you are angry over this.”

The writer had teased that Rick might not make it to the end of the series, and that ended up being true, but not in the way most fans expected, considering Carl Grimes had always seemed like the character who would pick up the story once his father was gone. Last month’s #192 even hinted at that creative turn, focusing heavily on Carl, who found Rick dead and zombified in the opening pages of the issue. Rick didn’t make it to the end of the series, but the series also didn’t live on past his death.

The final issue will cover what became of the surviving characters after Rick’s death and how the world changed because of his work in Alexandria and later at the Commonwealth. To say more would be to spoil the landmark issue.