Imagine going to the movie and realizing the man sitting next to you is dead when the film is over. That’s the reality for a woman in Thailand, who shouted to the reveal of a dead British man next to her at the end of a showing of the horror film, Annabelle Comes Home.

The man went to the theater in Pattaya, Thailand alone and passed away during the showing. The woman who found him as reportedly “shaken.”

“They were in the cinema where the man died and they were very upset,” a local woman said to The Express. “They were shocked by what had happened. Some people had been sitting near the dead man.”

The man was 77-years-old at the time and there is no suspicion of foul play in his death.

Lieutenant Colonel Polpattham Thammachat spoke to the Mail Online and provided an update to the death:

Police were notified of the death at 8pm inside the cinema in a shopping mall. From the preliminary investigation it was not known how the foreign man had died but doctors will conduct an autopsy to establish the true cause of death. We are not looking for anybody else connected to the death.