Hot off the heels of their single “Dangerous” featuring Jadakiss & Vina Love, the Hoy Polloy is releasing a new album, Valkyrie, that features magnetic beats, captivating hooks, and rhythmic melodies that emphasize Miami vibes. With songs like “All I Need“ that will get your body moving, or “Fire Dance” for old school hip hop lovers – the album presents a delectable tasting of different tunes for different moods.

The hip hop album is a collaborative projecting featuring numerous recognizable names including global artist Jadakiss, Grammy-nominated Les Nubians, actor best known for Marvel’s Luke Cage – Mustafa Shakir, hip hop legend AZ, Atlanta’s favorite Scotty ATL, daughter of Kid Cudi – Vina Love, as well as JO of the NOC, KD of the NOC, Ariel Morer, UZO, Tay Evans, DJ Heron, and FlynnFluence.

K SOS, the lead singer said, “We decided to bring the holidays a little early this year, Valkyrie is like when you set the star on top of the Christmas tree and then the whole thing lights up.”