Facebook Announces New Hi-Tech Features At Annual Developers Event

Social media platform Facebook is stepping up their game by rolling out features soon to hit the site. Several features were announced on the first day of it's annual developers conference, held in San Jose thi... Read Article

Kanye Teams With Jacob The Jeweler To Launch New Jewelry Line

Last September, Kanye West revealed his plan to release a jewelry line in the near future. Now the time has come and this week Yeezy launched a series of gold chains and rings made in collaboration with Jacob t... Read Article

Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” Picture Book Set For Release With Reissued Vinyl

On April 22nd it's Record Store Day which is the celebration of “the culture of the independently owned record store”. Several special-edition vinyls are set to be pressed up and Record Store Day 2017 Hip Hop veteran Slick Rick will be the recipient of a reiss... Read Article

Tupac Shakur’s “Dear Mama” Handwritten Lyrics Up For Auction

With the Tupac Shakur biopic on its way in the summer, 2Pac memorabilia is making an expensive comeback in 2017. It has been reported that the handwritten lyrics of 'Pac's emotional smash hit "Dear Mama" is ... Read Article

Branded: PRSVR Pop Up Shop

https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=q_8H2XN7Bbo The luxury lifestyle street wear brand PRSVR "creates a new uniform for those who follow their passions, write their own rules, and fearlessly persevere." The designs are one of a kind and function ... Read Article

Style Sector: AKINGS NY Autum/Winter 2017 Collection

AKINGS and F.MERCY presented their Autmn / Winter 2017 collection at the Great Jones building for New York Fashion Week. The show featured 11 handpicked models sporting high end streetwear on a runway lit to r... Read Article

RM67’s Eclectic Elegance Fashion Runway Was A Hit In Philadelphia

Philadelphia was the place to be on Saturday as the University City-based Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center housed its 2017’s spring and summer fashion. Packed to capacity, the show began with guests who were greeted in the lobby area with custom artwork ... Read Article

Check Out The Trailer For International Graffiti Documentary ‘Saving Banksy’

Graffiti, as defined in Webster's, is the "illegal" marking on a wall or surface, but what happens if that marking is worth thousands and possibly millions of dollars? The Saving Banksy film, which is direct... Read Article

Tags And Throws’ Summer In New York Series Finale “Bombing With ZEXOR”

In the final installment of Swede-based TagsAndThrows.com, the "Summer In New York" series takes a unique turn by revealing the identity of the last writer, ZEXOR, one of NYC's few active second generation writers. ZEXOR, a Bushwick, Brooklyn native, is the... Read Article

Lakers Build Statue Of Shaquille O’Neal In Front Of Staples Center

A bronze statue of Basketball Hall of Fame center Shaquille O’Neal will be unveiled March 24 outside of the Los Angeles Lakers' Staples Center. The nine-foot, 1,200-pound statue will be suspended 10 feet abo... Read Article