California DMV Will Allow Self-Driving Cars To Operate Without A Driver

The California Department of Motor Vehicles will allow autonomous cars without steering wheels, foot pedals, mirrors, and human drivers behind the wheel to be tested on its roads starting next year. The department released its revised regulations today governi... Read Article

Dr. Dre And Beats Claim Monster Owes $100M In Back Royalties

Just when Monster LLC, the company that makes Monster headphones, thought they were winning the battle against Beats By Dre, the legal battle between the music accessory giants take a dramatic twist. In a three year audit by Beats' lawyers, they allege that... Read Article

Amazon To Refund $70 Million To Parents For Unauthorized Purchases By Children

If your child bought something in an app from amazon’s app store without your permission, you may get your money back. On Tuesday, the federal trade commission announced refunds are now available for parents whose children made in-app purchases without thei... Read Article

Hacker Claims To Have Stolen, Leaked Season 5 Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

An anonymous hacker has carried through on a threat to release Orange Is the New Black season five episodes online after Netflix allegedly failed to respond to the computer criminal’s shakedown demands. The ... Read Article