Google Launches Artificial Intelligence Research Center In China

Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google said on Wednesday it is opening an artificial intelligence (AI) research center in China to target the country’s local talent, even as the U.S. search firm’s products remain blocked in the country. Google said in a statement ... Read Article

Lamborghini Joins The SUV Revolution By Revealing Their New Urus Model

Supercar makers have long known that parked next to that snarling Lamborghini, racing-red Ferrari, or stately Bentley at some of the globe's toniest addresses is a practical SUV. With the sport utility vehicle market growing by leaps and bounds, they increasin... Read Article

New App Helps Black People Gather Spare Money To Pay Bail

Tech entrepreneur Kortney Ziegler is behind a new app that lets users accumulate their spare change to help bail Black people out of jail, according to reports. “Although bail relief via an app isn’t the perfect solution to true abolishment of the prison in... Read Article

Spotify Acquires SoundTrap, Online Production Studio For Users

Spotify has acquired the free recording studio program SoundTrap in order to allow users to make their own music. The Stockholm-founded SoundTrap is a free browser-based production studio designed to be easy to use for new and experienced producers alike. I... Read Article

The FDA Approves Pill That Contains Digital Tracking Device

The era of digital pills is here. This week, for the first time ever, the Food and Drug Administration approved a pill with sensors inside to inform doctors how often the drug was taken. In a press release, the FDA said a typical, anti-psychotic drug Abilif... Read Article