President Trump To Jay-Z On Twitter: Black Unemployment Rates Are Lowest Ever

For some reason he couldn't respond to Eminem, but he just haaad to respond to Hov. This morning, President Donald Trump felt it was necessary to respond to Jay-Z and his views towards the POTUS on Twitter and expectedly, he go the attention he was looking ... Read Article

Joey Bada$$ Announces “47 Minutes” Podcast To Be Aired By Tidal

Last night, PRO ERA general Joey Bada$$ announced that he will be launching a new Tidal generated podcast titled "47 Minutes". The show, centered around Hip Hop culture, politics and spirituality, doesn't have a tentative launch date as of yet, but the 22 y... Read Article

Vice Media’s “Boy’s Club” Workplace Environment Exposed After Four Sexual Harassment Cases Are Settled

Even though its media production has been hailed as the wave of the future, Vice Media's workplace culture has been outed as sexist and misogynistic, according to a recent report from The New York Times. The... Read Article

Will Smith Finally Joins Instagram, Immediately Trolls Justin Timberlake

This week, Will "Fresh Prince" Smith made his debut on IG, so you know it had to be an event. While everyone welcomed the rapper turned Hollywood icon, Justin Timberlake took it upon himself to offer The Prince some advice on how to use the popular social m... Read Article