Cardi B Ready To Set A Better Example For Her Young Female Fans

Words By Ime Ekpo It was the Halloween ritual of dressing up as something contrary to one’s identity that triggered an epiphany in the mind of Cardi B. This past Halloween, fans of various calibers of the “Bodak Yellow” spitter spruced up as her for this ye... Read Article

Protester Throws Russian Flags At President Trump As He Enters The Capitol

This is definitely one of the most creative ways of Trump disrespect thus far. A protester who showed up at the U.S. Capitol this morning had a determined idea to let the President and everyone present know exactly how he feels about Trump and his alleged l... Read Article

DJ Whoo Kid Claims Drake Got Excited Watching Him Receive Oral Sex

On a recent Sam Roberts radio show, former G-Unit DJ Whoo Kid had a really questionable story to tell about Drake and the sad thing about it is he says it with such conviction! Easy Whoo Kid! Listen close to th... Read Article

Eminem Rips Donald Trump On BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

Who else is better equipped to throw shots at the president than Slim Shady? For some diehard Hip Hop fans, the freestyle cypher during the BET Hip Hop Awards is the most watch-worthy segment of the program.... Read Article

DJ Accuses Cardi B Of Being Unprofessional And Disrespectful At Ohio Show

No, not the hood's favorite! Say it ain't so. An Ohio DJ claims that Cardi B was dispresprctful after her and her team allegedly exhibited unprofessionalism thst resulted in a botched performance in Cincinna... Read Article

Distraught Mother At Houston Shelter Goes Off On CNN Reporter

With all of the carnage and chaos that is currently hovering over Houston and the rest of Texas, not everybody want to talk to a total stranger about the evident difficulties that they face. This mother in a Houston shelter made it a point to let this CNN repo... Read Article

DJ Clue Discusses New Clue Lace Shoe Laces And Forthcoming Documentary

DJ Clue has worked with any and everyone from Mariah Carey, to Jay-Z, to the Notorious B.I.G, Fabolous, Puff Daddy and Future. Producing, djing and putting together classic mixtapes like his Professional 1, ... Read Article