Hill Harper Says Ray Allen “Had A Work Ethic” On Spike Lee’s ‘He Got Game’ Movie Set

This week, both Ray Allen and Spike Lee were trending on the internet. Spike Lee, well his birthday was on Monday. As for Ray Allen, his former Boston Celtics teammate, Rajon Rondo told ESPN The Undefeated Marc J. Spears that he had no intentions of invitin... Read Article

‘Get Out’ Flick Called “Anti-White”, “Racist” By Some Viewers

Critics have high praise for Get Out, comedian Jordan Peele's directorial debut. Yet some "rotten tomatoes" are slamming the satirical horror film for its so-called "anti-white" and "racist" portrayal of white ... Read Article

Disney Puts Gay Scene In ‘Beauty And The Beast’

It built its reputation on princesses finding their prince, living happily ever after in storylines which set the benchmark for romance for generations of children. Now, Disney is to move firmly into a new era as it introduces its first “exclusively gay mom... Read Article

The “Tupac BMW” Is Up For Auction

Just in time for the All Eyez On Me release. The black BMW that rapper/actor Tupac Shakur was riding in with Death Row Records CEO Marion "Suge" Knight that night that Shakur was shot on the Las Vegas strip ... Read Article