Mixtape or Album? There's Practically No Difference in 2017

Mixtape or Album? There’s Practically No Difference in 2017

From our #258 issue “Remember, there is no more tapes, it’s CDs and mp3s, the title “mixtape” became so commercialized and the word just carried weight along the way. DJ Red Alert will agree with the original concept and purpose of a mixtape in the 1980... Read Article

Holding Court – Venus Williams has been labelled a “Bad Guy” by her competition. She doesn’t care – she’s just winning tennis matches.

Words by Stacy Y. China This article was originally published in The Source Magazine, April 1998 (Issue #103)   She Stands 6'2" and has been labelled a "Bad Guy" by her competition. But VENUS WILLIAMS doesn't care - she's just winning tennis matche... Read Article