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Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots: “Year of the TE”


New England puts up 2 very quick scores, proving once again Denver is and has been a fluke. Brady and his passing options have been steadfast all year, and were not slowing down in this first quarter. Number 12 has been surgical with his arm and proving himself despite this random and ill advised “Tebow-Mania”, reestablishing the fact that Denver’s defense has been playing lights out, NOT “babyjesus”. The “Swarming” Patriot defense was dominant throughout the course of this game. Q Carter (OU Alum) grabbed his second postseason pick, and making Brady pay for untimely errors. With that interception proving costly the Broncos capitalize with a 3 yard run by Mcgahee for a TUDD! 2nd Quarter score 14-7.  Looks like a lot of Fear in the eyes of “BabyMoses” after another three and out, midway through the second. This has been the year of the TE for Tom Brady, first downs have been the story for the PATS this first half. 2nd straight 3 and out for Denver. Running game is trying to be established for the broncos throughout the course of this first half, but not looking too beneficial. The connection from one former Super Bowl MVP (Brady) to another former Super Bowl MVP (Branch) put up another 7. Following another score by the Pats… I’m sounding quite redundant…Need I say more. Game Over…

** Player of the Game: Brady

** What Broncos needed: 12 Disciples


– Nic Harris (@NicHarris5)