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TUGE once again delivers his weekly dose of audio dope with a new trippy hustler driven song titled, “The Auction.” The NY bar flipper switches up the flows flawlessly as he kicks some hustlenomics 101 over Felix Snow‘s beat which sounds like it came out of the Tron universe. This joint will make you want to sell fire insurance to an eskimo. 

While you wait for TUGE’s upcoming project Ignorant Elegance, make sure to get familiar with his 2011 mixtape The Scrimmage and grab all of his latest tracks (links below) if witty wordplay and bounceworthy tunes have been left out of your iPod’s diet. 


Nate Santos (@MidtownNate)

The Auction (prod by Felix Snow) by TUGE 



TUGE – “Safe Flight” (Prod. by J. Cardim)

TUGE ft. Sam G – “Stay Home” (Prod. by Felix Snow)

TUGE – “Bo Diddley”

TUGE – “Up”

TUGE ft. Hartly – “Live Before I Die” (Prod. by Felix Snow)

TUGE – “Alone” (Prod. by Felix Snow)