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Here is the tracklist and cover for Saigon’s third chapter of the Warning Shots mixtape series Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave. The artwork is by Karla Moy, the mixtape boasts production by Just Blaze, Scram Jones, and Green Lantern. Next Tuesday is when you will hear the warning shots. 

1.)   One Foot In The Grave Intro Feat. Just Blaze (Produced by Saigon)



2.)   BBB (Real N****z Never Die) (Produced by Sire)


3.)   I Am 4 Real (Produced by DJ Corbett)


4.)   Hungry (Produced by Sire)


5.)   Yeah Yeah (Produced by  Shuko)


6.)   Bring Me Down Pt. 3 ½ Feat. Joe Budden (Produced by Just Blaze & DJ Corbett)


7.)   Say Yes Again (Produced by Quiet)


8.)   Come Again 2012 (Produced by EZ Elpee)


9.)   Women Are The New Dogs Feat. Jovan Dais (Produced by Red Spyda)


10.)  Kinky (Produced by Sire)


11.)  When Did You Get Hot (Produced by Brain)


12.)   Moscato Flow


13.)   CutDaBullshit, CutDaBullshit (Produced by Green Lantern)


14.)   Another Man Down Feat. Lil Fame (Produced by DJ Corbett)


15.)   WFKR Talk Radio Skit


16.)   War And Choas (Produced by Scram Jones & Just Blaze)


17.)   Where To Find Me


18.)   Learning As We Go Feat. Rough Of Good Guy Gang


19.)   Mr. Cool (That Aint Cool) (Produced by Scram Jones)  


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-John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)