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This is what I needed today! Mick Boogie drops a new project illadelph/matic: The Madden Sessions featuring Nas The Roots in preparation for this years Superbowl. The tape is jam packed with plenty of great music blended by the likes of Mick Boogie. Check out the trailer and download the project.




– Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)

01 Mick Boogie_ illadelph_matic

02 Nas_ No Idea_s Original

03 The Roots_ Distortion To Static (Black Thought Mix)

04 Nas & Questlove_ Secret Agent Man

05 The Roots_ Obey Your Thirst

06 Nas_ Don_t Hate Me Now (Showoff Remix)

07 The Roots_ Lockdown

08 Nas & AZ_ Hope (The Are_Mick Boogie Remix)

09 The Roots_ The Professional

10 Nas_ I Can (9th Wonder Remix)

11 The Roots & Roy Ayers_ Proceed II

12 Nas_ Silent Murder

13 Nas & The Roots_ It Ain_t Hard To Tell (Live)

14 The Roots_ You Got Me (Me Tienes Remix)

15 Nas_ Doo Rags

16 Nas & Slick Rick_ Me and Nas

17 The Roots_ The Show

18 Nas_ Understanding

19 The Roots_ Silent Treatment (Beatminerz Remix)

20 Nas_ Purple

21 The Roots_ The Good, The Bad & The Desolate

22 Nas & The Roots_ Nas Is Like (Live)

23 The Roots_ Hardware

24 Nas & Cee-Lo_ Less Than An Hour

25 The Roots_ Y_all Know Who

26 Nas_ Where Y_all At_

27 The Roots_ Web


Download: Mick Boogie – illadelph/matic: The Madden Sessions (Mixtape)


Props: OKP