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I know its a tab early for the WrestleMania rumors but here it goes. Contrary to what has been previously reported, it appears that and are the two big matches currently being discussed. , fans have been expecting the tentative plan and while those plans have not been scrapped by any means, officials have discussed a creative shake-up. Because of the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) and its conspiracies and assumptions, rumors are circulating that we might see Triple H vs. CM Punk instead Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk at Mania. While is isn’t confirmed or denied the possible match might be scrapped. WWE is hip to the Internet game and as we know the WWE likes to shake shit up. So Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker might be a go. If this does happen The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho wouldn’t be a bad watch. Having Taker do a fresh WrestleMania match is way better than seeing the repeats like the last 3 WrestleMania’s. Ok lets get in to The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Monday Night RAW. THE GOOD: Chris Jericho Speaks Jerry Lawler says that Chris Jericho has officially been entered into the Royal Rumble. Michael Cole says it’s been four years since the WWE Universe has seen the Highlight Reel. Ok at first I wasn’t into this Jericho return but now im all in. The fact that Y2J brings out a Tshirt gun is pure brilliance, the dude never fires a single shirt. Chris Jericho continues to pander the crowd. After several false attempt to speak Jericho tells the crowd shhhhhh then he speaks. HUGE CROWD POP. “This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, it’s going to be the end of the world as you know it.” Jericho is most likely the odds on favorite to win the Rumble. If Jericho comes in at #30 its a wrap. I would like Y2J win the Royal Rumble by doing nothing. I hope this trend of nothing continues its building heat. CM Punk GTS’ John Laurinaitis Anyone else shocked Otunga has a job? Otunga takes the mic to read a fax from the WWE board of directors. The board is angry that Laurinaitis shows favoritism towards Ziggler. The other Mr. Hudson when on to say that next week Laurinaitis will have a job evaluation by Triple H. HMMM sounds all too familiar. Laurinaitis says the fax is a wake-up call and would like to apologize to Punk. He says that Mick Foley is now in the Royal Rumble…Do you care? I dont. Laurinaitis has Otunga attack Punk, Punk fights back locks in the Anaconda Vice. Laurinaitis wants to shake Punks hand. Punk shakes his hand, picks Laurinaitis up, and hits the GTS! Not as impactful as when Stone Cold stunned Vince but Huge pop from the crowd. Johnny Ace’s face when he gets lifted for the GTS is freakin Hilarious. Dolph Ziggler jumps Punk from behind and lays him out. He stands over him smiling as Raw goes off the air. I like that Ziggs goes over before a pay-per-view. Next week’s Raw officially starts the road to Wrestlemania, AKA RAW’s most compelling TV of the year. During this year’s road were destined to see the final return of The Undertaker. We will also see the return of Shawn Michaels. Chris Jericho and CM Punk will also probably have an epic feud. Plus Shaq will come to the WWE to challenge The Big Show at Wrestlemania. And of course, we will see plenty of The Rock vs. John Cena. Brodus Clay’s Funk I’m not gonna lie, I’m a total mark for “The Funkasaurus” this gimmick is so shitty but the theme song is so goddamn addicting to listen too. I really think Naomi and Cameron aka The Funkettes are super hot. Vince don’t hire uggo’s. Anyone else notice Brodus had a difficult time snapping off his pants? O Yeah Heath Slater was in this as well ZZZZzzzzzzzzz THE BAD: R-Truth vs. The Miz – Loser enters Royal Rumble Match at No. 1 I think this feud has been great, but don’t Nitro us WWE. I would have liked to see Truth vs Miz at the Rumble. I want to see if these two can really build heat, throwing fist at each other during promos was fine. The pay build up for their match at Rumble would have held a lot of interest. Zack Ryder vs. Kane Falls Count Anywhere Call this match ALL KANE EVERYTHING!!!! Before I even review this match Michael Cole and King use their best somber voices. Kane slams, punches and puts Ryder through the stage. Kane turns his sights on Eve but when he see’s John Cena at the entrance and leaves through the crowd. Then Eve watches WOO WOO WOO loaded onto a gurney Cena tells him to hang in there but Eve tells him that he has done enough as the ambulance leaves. THE IDK WHAT TO THINK: The acting of Hot Eve Torres and John Cena during this sequences of events makes Russell brand look like an Oscar winner. John Cena angry face should be a trending topic on twitter. Its reported that Ryder will be getting his own TV on WWE’s network so expect him to be out for a few weeks. Did Monday Night RAW foreshadow the two main events at Mania? It sure seems like Triple H might fuck shit up for Punk and his WWE title. I would like to see Ziggs get the strap BUT 4 times on free TV Ziggler has pinned Punk so expect Punk to be victorious. I think WWE has done enough Rumble return victories, I say Jericho wins the Rumble. Tweet me your prediction. Could we be seeing Cena embracing his thuganomics like years prior? I bet Cena beasts on Kane during the Rumble eliminating himself and Kane. This will carry Cena all the way to Elimination Chamber. This has been a nice safe program so he’s injury free for Dwayne.

— Emilio Sparks


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