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They say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere; and Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin is the latest example of that. His rise from bench warmer to savior in less than a week is something like a phenomenon. Besides being exactly what the New York Knicks (and especially coach Mike D’Antoni) have been needing, there is reason for the NBA has been drooling over this kid in the last week. Since the departure of Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin might be exactly what the league have needed as an Asian ambassador, despite being born in the states. The Harvard grad is also a devout Christian that led a bible study group in college and whose sudden rise to fame is eerily reminiscent of Tim Tebow’s in the NFL. Combine all of that, and some die hard internet fans, and Lin has become a social media superstar. Check out the memes and gifs we found on the Knicks newest PG sensation that have popped up in the last three days. 



The Lin-Swag. 


The Nerdy Handshake with Stanford grad, Landry Fields.