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A playlist that will be heard on President Obama’s 2012 campaign trail between now and Election Day was released by the White House and something that everyone thought would be there was missing.

Not a single Hip Hop/Rap song made the playlist.


You put The Fugees as one of your favorite groups on your Facebook page and you couldn’t even give them a shout. You and the First Lady went to see Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” on your first date and I know you felt some kind of way when they killed Radio Raheeem. You said you like Weezy, Hov, and your wife even invited Common to the crib, but their music can’t find a rotation slot on your campaign trail? There’s no possible way that the most popular form of music and art in the world was accidently omitted.

Every other genre of music in popular American culture was recognized except Hip Hop. Being that we went so historically hard for Obama at the polls, he could’ve at least put one track on there.

With all due respect, we love Al Green, Aretha Franklin, and Earth, Wind, & Fire just as much as you do, Mr. President. It’s just troubling to think that your snub might be a sign of what the community that has your back should expect from you.

-ShaBe Allah(@KingPenStatus)