With her harmonic voice and around the way aura, every Black woman has a little bit of Lauryn Hill in them. Her music has touched millions, as proven in her record sales, yet she humbly avoids the publicity that always accompanies a superstar. Lauryn is regarded as one of the greatest artists of our generation, raising the creative bar for all entertainers, male and female. Her natural style set a standard of pride for young Black women to embrace themselves as they were, unapologetically rejecting the norm of who and what a successful woman should be. Even in the midst of controversy and industry gossip, Lauryn Hill has rose above the restrictions of just being an accomplished female artist, but instead, has blossomed into a legend.

The first time the world had the opportunity to experience Ms. Hill, she was an actress, appearing in the soap opera “As The World Turns” and the movie she is most widely recognized for, Sister Act 2. Her claim to fame came as the Queen of The Fugees, the Grammy winning, platinum selling trio that produced one of Hip Hop’s all time coveted masterpieces, “The Score”. This merely set the stage for her solo flight, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. On this date in 1999, the former Fugees first lady became the first woman to be nominated for Grammys in ten categories in the same year and the first woman to win five Grammys in one night. The Miseducation went on to sell 18 million copies, which forever carved the name of Lauryn Hill in music and women’s history.


-ShaBe Allah(@KingPenStatus)