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Some of you rap fans and bloggernauts may be aware that infamous producer The Alchemist is currently holding a contest for unisgned emcees to submit their original songs over one of his unreleased beats, with the winner going home with a one song deal courtesy of Decon Records. Enter Queens rhymesmith Jemyle Jones, who took ALC up on the offer and delivers a video for his latest track “Parent The Future” where he schools the kids on how to navigate the choppy waters of the rap game. While in some regards the rap game has changed for the worst, Jemyle does Alchemist’s production justice as he waxes poetics and molds the minds of our future leaders, rappers and writers. Lookout for more from the Southside Jamaica, Queens emcee coming soon. Oh, and Alc, you might wanna consider this man for that prize. 


Nate Santos (@MidtownNate)

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