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If you’ve been tuned into the Internets the last few days you’ve surely peeped that KiD CuDi (one-half of WZRD) went on a rant recently due to how he perceived his label (Universal Republic) was handling the release his new rock album with producer Dot Da Genius. Cudder claimed that the label only shipped 55K copies of the project becuase they were reating as a “indie side project tax write off.” According to HDD‘s, even with the alledged lack of physical copies in stores, WZRD’s self-titled debut LP is slated to sell approx. 70-80K units. While we’ll have to wait until next week to see if the predictions come to fruition, those numbers aren’t too shabby for a traditionally more hip-hop artist putting out a rock album with minimal marketing dollars. We

Nate Santos (@MidtownNate



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