Last month young Khalifa announced his sophomore album title and the inspiration behind it. Talking to Sway, he spoke on O.N.I.F.C., “It’s inspired by Prodigy’s H.N.I.C. When he dropped that, I felt like that sounded so strong.”

Now flash forward to this month Prodigy has reacted… in a good way. Speaking with MTV, the Mobb Deep MC stated, “Yeah, I heard about the Wiz Khalifa project coming out. I forgot the exact name of what he called it, but I read an article that he got the idea of doing that from my H.N.I.C. projects that I put out… That’s all love. I love Wiz Khalifa, I love his music. I ain’t mad at ya, dogs.. Let’s do something together. Let’s do a song or something. Let’s do a tour or something. I got ya back, thun.”

 – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)