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Tomorrow the Suzanne Geiss Company, a new gallery in SoHo, NYC will open its inaugural show RAMMELLZEE: THE EQUATION “THE LETTER RACERS”. Rammellzee (1960 – June 27,2010) was a graffiti, hip hop, visual, performance artist whose work was based on his theory of “Gothic Futurism” and “Iconoclast Panzerism”. During the 1980’s and 1990’s he operated out of his Tribeca studio called the Battle Station. Recently, work has been excavated from Battle Station and pieces are currently display at MOMA. According to The Suzanne Geiss Company, “A manifestation of the Rammellzee’s theories, the Letter Racers were created over more than 15 years in his studio and are being shown in New York for the first time”. The exhibit runs through April 12th.