CNN correspondent Dana Bush sent out a disturbing message via Twitter during the Alabama presidential primaries. “Something u (sic) don’t see every day. Inmates will help bring ballots here in (Jefferson) county Alabama…”

Video began to surface from CNN’s broadcast of the Alabama and Mississippi presidential primary, showing two local inmates waiting to assist Jefferson County election officials with carrying bags of paper ballots and electronic memory cards into a vault.. Both inmates, one black and the other white, looked very displeased to have TV cameras broadcasting what has been seen as humiliating and degrading.


This footage also resurfaced the reality of voter ID laws, which will drastically affect the African American vote, especially since 1.4 million Black men have already permanently lost their voting rights after being released from federal, state, or local incarceration around the country. The recent spur in the proposed voter ID laws is structured to weaken the African American vote, which has already been crippled by the disparity within the criminal justice system.

-ShaBe Allah(@KingPenStatus)