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While the HipHop world waits in suspense for a new Dr. Dre album, he’s busy out concuring other markets in a major way. 

Today The New York Times reported that Dre and ‘American Idol’ mentor Jimmy Iovine are planning to purchase MOG Online Music Service, with no price being revealed yet. If true, this would be their second biggest deal since last years $300 Million partnership with Taiwan based corporation HTC, and could mark a major shift in the phone-based music subscription world. 


Beats Headphone are already known for providing a ‘superior audio experience’, and a merger with MOG would fit perfectly because the company is already popular for streaming at a higher bitrate than alot of their competitors. Hand and hand they would offer listeners a more well rounded listening experience than most other companies. 

As of last year alone, beats has made a reported $500 million in sales. Now if only we can get that Detox album to enjoy on our new MOG fueled Beats!