As today marks the one month anniversary of the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, several elements have attached themselves to the case, making it an even more sensitive situation. Anger continues to escalate as protesters are rallying around the country to seek justice for the killing of the unarmed teenager by Zimmerman, who still remains at large. After the public statement was given by President Obama on Friday regarding Martin’s slaying, many other notable personalities began to sp

eak out and attracting attention to this current travesty of justice. On the heels of Obama’s historic statement that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”, many celebrities became vocal about the case. Brave Hip Hop artists and personalities including Russell Simmons, Will Smith, Wyclef, Big Boi, and a host of others are pushing for Zimmerman’s arrest and prosecution for Martin’s death. It has also been mentioned that it is highly unlikely that the Stand Your Ground law will stand in this case, being that Zimmerman pursued Martin before he shot him. Even the author of the law, Senator Durell Peaden stated that Zimmerman “has no protection under my law.” Also, the lead investigator for the civil rights division of the Department of Justice, Tom Perez will be in Sanford investigating the killing to determine whether or not a hate crime was committed against Martin.


Needless to say, in the racially torn society that we live in, there have been some supporters of Zimmerman. Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich made some very snide remarks regarding the case, calling President Obama’s statement “disgraceful” while Rush Limbaugh accused the President of trying to capitalize on the country’s racial divides. Talk show host Geraldo Rivera managed to stir up some controversy, claiming the unarmed 17 year old’s hoodie was just as responsible as Zimmerman for Martin’s death.

Several rallies have been planned around the country to protest the shooting that left Martin dead and Zimmerman a free man. Tens of thousands have already gathered in Sanford, Florida and other protests are in motion in Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, and multiple cities to commemorate the anniversary of the injustice.

-ShaBe Allah(@KingPenStatus)