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Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino’s life has unraveled in the past week.  A motorcycle accident led to the revelation of a relationship between Petrino and 25-year-old former Arkansas athlete Jessica Dorrell.  As with all cases like this more women are bound to come forward and the latest revealed is a 26-year-old bikini model by the name of Alison Melder.  The problem with all this?  Petrino is married to his college sweetheart and mother of his two daughters.  His wife Becky Petrino hasn’t made any comments since the scandal began. 

The first mistress Jessica Dorrell is a former member of the women’s volleyball team at the University of Arkansas and has served as a fundraiser for the athletic department since she graduated in 2007.  Petrino exchanged over 4300 texts messages and 300 phone calls with Dorrell over a six-month period and has acknowledged having an “inappropriate relationship” with her. 


The second alleged mistress Alison Melder is a former Miss Bikini USA 2008 and is now a staffer for the Arkansas Republican Party.  Her relationship with Petrino is unclear but they’ve exchanged over 200 text messages over a three-month period.  He did all this using a university issued phone (I know really smart).

Petrino was fired Tuesday for failing to disclose his relationship with football staffer Jessica Dorrell and withholding other information from Long, including that he had once given her $20,000 for reasons that have not been disclosed. Petrino hired Dorrell four days before the April 1 motorcycle accident with her that led to his downfall. Dorrell was hired as football team’s student-athlete development coordinator and has been put on paid leave.  She hasn’t made any statements since she was involved in the motorcycle accident.  

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