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Anyone who saw this fight came and went pleased. Except for well.. Miguel Cotto, who exited the ring angry and very disappointed. But tonight we all saw some very different sides of Floyd Mayweather, a bloody, swelled side from the total of punches he absorbed from Cotto. A side that you normally wouldn’t see in previous fights, But it didn’t stop him.

In what he described as one of the toughest fights of his career, three weeks before he will head to jail “Money Mayweather” walks away with the title. The three judges at ringside scored the fight unanimously for Mayweather, 117-111 twice and 118-110. Mayweather outworked Cotto, landing 179 of 687 punches (26%), while Cotto connected on 105 of 506 (21%).


After the fight Mayweather was interviewed by Larry Merchant, whom Mayweather apologized to for the despute the pair had in September, the Champion explained to Merchant how he felt about Cotto. He said:

“You’re a hell of a champion, the toughest guy I fought,” “I had to fight hard, suck it up. He’s no pushover.” then he went on to say “When fights are on pay-per-view, you want to give the fans what they pay for and that’s excitement.”

Floyd Mayweather is the new WBA champion improved to 43-0 with 26 KOs. 

– Pompay Garrett, @Loud_Pay