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From Inside The Courtroom

May 17, 2011 — Eastern District Court Brooklyn — 6 PM  The federal drug trial that has caught the media and music industry’s attention continued with another day of testimony from witnesses presented by the prosecution, in an attempt to prove their case that Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond headed up a $10 million dollar cocaine ring.


25-year old Jilliana Quinones testified that she and Rosemond dated, and in May of 2011, Rosemond asked her to transport cash from New York to Los Angeles, where he would meet her. Quinones said agents stopped her in New York and questioned her about the cash.  Once she arrived in Los Angeles, she was approached by agents once again, who took photos of her with the money and then forced her to sign an agreement. But according to Quinones, it was the agents who told her what to write, and directed her to use the word “illegal.”

Defense attorney Gerald Shargel asked Quinones if Jimmy Rosemond ever told her to lie, to which her answer was “no.” She also testified that she never saw any drugs or guns.

The prosecution also interviewed witnesses, a contractor and someone who installed his home video system, and presented receipts to show that Rosemond paid for their services in cash. 

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