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How did you start producing?

A few years ago my older cousin came in town from Michigan and I really just picked it up from there and kept it going.  I used to rap when I was younger & used to make beats and I kinda got into it there too.


Where are you from?

I was born in Michigan and raised in Atlanta.

Who were your favorite producers when you got in the game and who are they now? 

My favorite producer when I first got into the game was Shawty Redd.  As I got older and got into the game, I started discovering other producers, but a lot of the producers I like are ones that’s coming up with me like B Rich, B Wheezy, Hollywood J…but as far as majors go, it’s still Shawty Redd, Drumma Boy, Polow, but mainly Shawty Redd and Drumma.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use Fruity Loops.

Are you signed or have your own development company?

I got Sonny Digital Music Group but don’t plan on adding anybody to it just yet.  But I’m signed as a producer to Rondor/Universal Publishing.

Your production has a very hard hitting sound is that on purpose or is it something people ask for?

I guess you could say my sounds is on purpose, it’s what I do, people just gravitate more towards that than any other sounds I make.  I work around an artist or they can work around me, but most of the time I have stuff made, they just choose.  But if they want something specific we can sit down and do that too.  Most people want that hard, club, bouncy type shit; that sound that gets everybody amped up that’s what they come to me for.  But I make other kinds of music too.

Who have you produced for so far in your career and is there someone you want to work with?

Future, Cashout, Gorilla Zoe, Gucci Mane, Roscoe Dash, Wale, Ace Hood, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Kirko Bangz, Wiz Khalifa, Mack Miller, Waka Flocka , French Montana, Travis Porter,Mykko Montana…a gang of people.  The person I wanted to work with was Kanye West and he actually hopped on one of my tracks with 2 Chainz, so now I got to figure out who I want to work with now since I got Kanye on my track.

You have a couple of mixtapes out now were you involved with those and if you were is that something you are going to continue?

I was involved in all the mixtapes, I knew about them and did what I had to do like send beats and they picked through the tracks.  I’m gonna forever do mixtapes because they keep your name circulating around in the streets.  Your music goes from the streets and then to the industry and from the industry you outta here.  The streets are like the base part of the formula for becoming hot.

What is next for Sonny Digital?

I got a single on Future’s album and we working “Same Damn Time” right now and I got something on 2 Chainz album, Waka’s album…everything is in the works.  I’ve got lots of stuff out that’s just waiting to be released.  I’m playing around with rapping to see what it do and see where it goes and hopefully it turns into something good but I’m a producer before a rapper.

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