Ali, Quez and Strap of Travis Porter took time out to talk to about their upcoming album From Day 1, which drops this coming Tuesday, May 29. 
We put a lot of time and work into it. It's a well rounded album. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE DEBUT: People got to think differently. They got to expect the unexpected. Most people think the album is going to be filled with "Make it Rains" and "Bring It Back"but no. We're giving y'all different type of music. We're still partying, still that Porter feeling. 
 DEALING WITH FAME AND SUCCESS: You just got to stay focused. You got to stay humble being young and rich. Spend your money wisely, stack your money up. Sometimes its a tough crowd, like a crowd in a big city, like NY. But we just turn it up on them. And that's our motivation, when the crowd not rocking to its full potential, we go harder. UPCOMING COLLABORATIONS: We just dropped a new single with Jeremih. We been shooting videos for album tracks. We also just shot a movie, its going to drop a month after the album. We got collabs coming up with YG, [and] we getting one with Kirko Bangz also. BEST ADVICE THEY'VE GOTTEN:
As a group, we've got to communicate. That's what Jeezy told us. Communication is key, since were a group. 
--Chris Frown (@ChrisFrown)

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