Visit for more information got a chance to link up with Tefman. A Wisconsin emcee who’s generating a lot of buzz in the indie hip hop scene. Tefman most recent single “ Do It For The Love” is heating up the indie charts and mix shows.  

The Source Peace Tefman. You’ve been making a lot of moves lately, for the people who are not familiar with you, give them some background as to who you are.


Tefman:  My stage name is Tefman and I’m a rapper/songwriter out of Wisconsin. In 2006 I founded Top of The Map Entertainment. Top of the Map Entertainment was voted the 2011 Madison Hip-Hop Awards Promoter of the Year. In the crowded society that is the music industry, you must be savvy, well-seasoned, strategic, and marketable. Our primary focus at Top of the Map Entertainment is the artist and their music.  I’ve shared stages with Ludacris, T.I., Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Wale, Three 6 Mafia,Twista, The New Boyz, Jay Sean, IYAZ, Day 26, Fat Joe, Nelly, E-40, The Clipse, Devin the Dude, Mr. Cheeks, Afroman, DJ Abilities, Mac Lethal, Blueprint (Rhymesayers), Illogic, and Zion I. I’ve worked with platinum Producer DJ Pain 1, DJ Victory, and Scattered Brains to name a few. 

The Source What Is The Philosophy By Which You Live By?

Tefman: I try to live life with as much patience as possible. I also believe it’s extremely important to surround yourself with quality people that have your best interest at hand. This game can be brutal and most people give up before they meet the right people or are just afraid to invest in their own career. I take pride in not wasting opportunities. I challenge myself on a daily basis to get better and I think that philosophy is paying off. 

The Source Which Artists Have Inspired You?


Tefman:  I feel like where I’m from the talent is abundant when it comes to Hip-Hop music. I get inspired on a daily basis to get better just by the people that surround me in my city. I’m just blessed to have an opportunity right now to shine on a national level. As far as artists in the game right now that have inspired me that list is way to long but I got mad love for all the heavyweights and anybody that’s making the necessary sacrifices to survive in this game. 

Tefman – “Do It For the Love”  

The Source  If You Can Change One Thing About The Music Industry What Would It Be And Why?

Tefman: I wish the artists had more control over the industry. The main reason being is I think if the artists had more control we would actually get people’s best stuff instead of what they think the record executives want to hear. I know it’s a business but I think it should be in the business plan to get back to the music. 

The Source Are There Any artists or singers That You Would Like To Collaborate With In The Future?


Tefman: I’ve done songs with legends like Juicy J and Bizzy Bone but now I want to tap into generation next. I’d love to work with artists like Wiz Khalifa, Currency, Wale, Big Sean, LEP Bogus Boys, Yelawolf, and J Cole. To be honest I’m down to collab with just about everybody at this point in my life that wants to work with Tefman. 


The Source What Producer Would You Like To Collaborate With In The Future?


Tefman: Yes, I one day look forward to working with Kanye West, Buckwild, Dr. Dre, Zaetoven, and Swizz Beats. 


The Source What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Live Show? How Has It Evolved?

Tefman:  My live show has continued to evolve over the years. I started out performing in a group so you kind of develop a different approach when your just one part of a whole. I didn’t start doing solo music until a couple years ago and I have found a completely different element to my craft. As a solo artist you have to control the entire stage by yourself so it challenges your creativity a little more. In the end, we owe it to our fans to leave our heart’s and soul on the stage. I have performed in over 200 live shows throughout the country and they all got the best of Tefman. 


The Source  What is your website and how can you be reached? 


Tefman: First I want to thank The Source for this opportunity. The Source Brand is legendary. My websites and I can be reached via those sites. Thanks again.

Tefman – “Recall 2012”  


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