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The “Watch the Throne” tour stopped in Paris, France for their next show last Sunday. Ironically, when Kanye’s solo hit “Flashing Lights” began to bump from the speakers, one flashing light was too much for the veteran performer; a fan was apparently flashing a laser at the stage, and Kanye had something to say about it.


Kanye spoke through the introduction of the track, first exclaiming: “Don’t f*** up everybody’s show, it’s not a f****** game.”

He then demanded the music stop, and passionately said, “It’s the Throne. We don’t f*** around like that. You’re gonna get f***** up, kicked out and all that s***, so chill the f*** out.”

Kanye then proceeded into “Flashing Lights,” as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

-Kevin Shea (@kevinnshea)

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