TheSource.Com recently checked in with The King of Twerk music; KSTYLIS. The 913 bred rapper has generated over 20 million views on his YouTube channel [Kstylis] since releasing his hit songs “Booty Me Down” x “Hands Up, Get Low”. What started as a simple interest in music has transitioned into an international phenomenon for KSTYLIS; his fan base stretch from Kansas City to the Philippines. KSTYLIS’ goal is to make the world TWERK and it seems that every day he’s getting closer to that goal everyday. So check out our interview with this young internet phenom to see how it all got started.
The Source:  What’s Good Kstylis? You’ve been making a huge buzz lately.  For those who may not be familiar with you, tell everyone who you are and what you represent.
 Kstylis: I’m a Rapper, Producer, Internet Phenom. Take your pick. Anyone of those words would describe me. I’m a Kansas City, MO. bred rapper and I’ve got the Internet going crazy with my videos. I make Twerk music and my YouTube Channel has generated over 20 million views.
 My fans have dubbed me the “King of Twerk.” Twerking is a huge sensation and I’m riding the Twerk wave with my singles “Booty Me Down” and “Hands Up Get Low.” Both songs are receiving a lot of spins on commercial radio stations around the country. I’m currently signed to The Clark Music Group and they’re working my project well.
 The Source: How long have you been doing music?
 Kstylis: Music has always been a big part of my environment growing up.  As a young teenager, I began exploring music as a hobby. It kept me out of trouble. But, by the year 2010, I was ready to pursue a music career on a full-time basis.
 It was also around that time that I developed my signature sound and I started developing my look, my style and my brand. I became interested in Twerk music because of the ladies of course, but there’s an art to Twerking. Not every girl can do it well. It takes skills.

The Source: What sets you apart from other Hip Hop artists? 
 Kstylis:  First of all my creativity, passion, stage presence and confidence sets me apart from other Hip Hop artists. Also my drive and determination sets me apart as well. While they’re sleeping, I’m working. I promote myself day and night. I promoted myself so much that I landed in the hospital due to headaches from being on the computer so much..LOL. But basically, unlike some artists, I’m a go getter. I sell my music on and off line, I book my own shows, sell merchandise and I interact directly with my fans. Also I’m diverse. I do more than just Twerk Music. I’m an all-around entertainer.

The Source: What Is The Philosophy By Which You Live By?
 Kstylis: My philosophy is go hard or go home. Don’t ever slack when it comes to your career, brand and your image. Life is too short to be playing games. My mission is to provide a bright future for myself, my family and my team. When you see me on stage, you got to understand that I always be giving it my all. 

The Source: What do you have cooking for this summer?
Kstylis: Right now I’m pushing my singles “Booty Me Down” and “Hands Up Get Low.” Also I have the Kstylis “50 Girls, 50 States Pro Twerk Contest.” I’m selecting four ladies to win $5000 in cash and prizes and to be crowned the Official Kstylis Twerk girl.
 It’s a major contest where the girls have to send in a video Twerking to my contest remixes. The public will vote for the top video. For more information on the contest, log on to It’s Major!
The Source: Any last words to our readers and your fans?
 Kstylis: Shout out to for the opp. Shout out to Kansas City. Shout out to the Clark Music Group. I want to thank all my fans for their support. I’m living my dream. I’m an independent artist making money in a tough economic climate.
 My shows are doing well. My record sales are doing well and I owe it all to my fans and the Twerk Girls all over the world. Check me out at for new music and tour dates.  
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