A Klan of fans braved a few hours of pouring rain outside S.O.B.’s last night to witness the phonk of, SpaceGhostPurrp. 

Opening the show was Despot who handled a bit of a rowdy soaked crowd. With command of fun quirky lyrics mixed with straight forward bars took the anxiousness out of the crowd. To close his 5 song set he welcomed Brooklyn MC, Mr. MuthaFukin eXquire to the stage for a dose of that “Huzzah.”

Next up, Vinny Cha$e took the stage to spit some of his designer flashy tracks from his young catalogue. A portion of last nights fan base came out in strong support of the uptown budding artist. The crowd received his live performance well with the Cheers Club and his DJ Jena Red. Following a set of 7 or so songs the crowd seemed even more anxious now that they were dried off a bit. 

SpaceGhostPurrp took a page out of the Dipset live performance playbook. Welcoming his entire Rvdxr Klvn (Raider Klan) that was present to the stage with him. The event which was in support of his 4AD release, Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp. Some indulged in a stage diving segment for a bit before the crowd on stage nearly bumped Purrp into the onlooking crowd. 

One thing that was evident with last night’s performance was Purrp’s movement and how big it is getting. The ceiling that comes with a lot of new artists movements is clear as day, this isn’t the case with the Miami resident. 

Look out for SpaceGhostPurrp and if you haven’t done so yet pick his album up now via iTunes

 – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)


photos by LaLa