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Nike will be launching their latest Nike+ gear on June 29th, which will include a basketball shoe and a running shoe both dedicated and equipped with senors that are suppose to interact with Nike+ iPhone apps. This new technology will allow the app to report each and every one of your movements to them.

“Nike+ Basketball is a new experience connecting digitally enabled footwear with an interactive mobile application that together delivers revolutionary sport experience. First unveiled for running products in 2006, NIKE+ has grown into a community of seven million digitally connected athletes and is quickly expand with the recent launch of the Nike+ FuelBand, a wrist-based device designed to track everyday activity.


The new Nike+ Basketball experience breaks down the user’s game to deliver information and measurement, which in turn provides motivation. Nike+ Basketball measures how high, how hard and how quick players play each game.

The technology in the experience utilizes a new Nike+ Pressure Sensor built into each shoe that collects information about the user’s movement and then wirelessly transmits data to their phone. It is then translated into different metrics delivering previously unknown information about either their workout or their game.”

Check out this insane dunk by Lebron James in the video below and get ready for the lauch.

-Will Cisco (@dqmrocker)

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