Ab-Soul has made numerous trips to NYC in support of his fellow Black Hippy members. Last night the TDE artist stepped on S.O.B.’s stage for the fist time as a headliner in the mecca of Hip-Hop.

Opening acts included, Bleu Friday, Unsigned Hype alumni Mike Jagger, Kris Kasanova and Brooklyn’s own Pro.Era. 

Nearly napping just minutes before hitting the stage, Ab-Soul zoned out before heading upstairs. The crowd anticipated the bushy haired budding star as he took the stage. 

Running through many of his notable stand out tracks, “Black Lip Bastard,” “Gone Insane,” “Terrorist Threats,” along with plenty off his Control System cuts. 

More than half of his songs he really needed no mic the crowd in between checking the score of the Miami Heat game new every word with delivery. Ab-Soul’s first headlining performance was not the only statement he made. The Carson, California MC made it clear, “I mean this when I say, I am the best rapper alive.”

Before leaving the stage Ab-Soul decided to throw up, “The Recipe” rapping both Kendrick’s and Dre’s verses on and off. 

All in all this “Black Lip Bastard” blacked out and left everyone heading home with a “Control System” playlist in their head.

 – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)

Photos: LALA


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