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In an interview with Power 92, 50 Cent spoke on Chief Keef’s street energy in his music. 50 gave credit to young Chicago rapper describing the sound of his music to have a “hard edge.” And prior to talking about Chief Keef, 50 states he wants to “work with the young kids.” Also, he states “[working with Chief Keef] could be a nice little thing to put together.”  

50 talks about his upcoming album Five: Murder By Numbers putting a new twist on his music to stray away from his “traditional stuff” he puts out.


Oprah’s interview with 50 and how they made up, was brought up and how “beef” goes side-by-side with 50 Cent. When asked if he and Ja Rule squashed anything 50 simply responded “nah.” 50 further describes beef as “the competitive nature of the art form [rap]” as one artist takes aim at another.

50 then goes on to state that the reason Diddy currently collaborates with Rick Ross is because Diddy’s last Dirty Money album was “garbage.”

The two part interview can be viewed in both videos below.

– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)

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