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Hyundai continues to step their game up, this time with the Veloster Turbo. The new turbo model has jumped the horsepower from about 140hp to 201 hp. With only a 1.6 liter inline 4 cylinder engine, it packs quite a punch. The Turbo model is going to be equipped with a different front grille, bulkier but more stylish side skirts, and with a larger set of wheels at 18″. The interior is also beefed up with leather seats and “Turbo” stitched into the seatbacks as well, and the dashboard and cluster are given that futuristic look that Hyundai has became famous for now. The Veloster is also only a 3-door car as well. Only one door on the driver side and two on the passenger, while the third door is almost hidden to make the car look neat. Expect to see the Veloster on the streets with the Turbo model costing around 22k. 



By Ant Simeone@ant_sims