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If you’re a fan of Chris Brown, you know his sound has been evolvingfrom day one . His new album  “Fortune” is no different, as Breezy taps into some dubstep, the usual ballads, R&B and some Hip Hop. The various styles of music make this album worth the listen. One of the dub step tracks that appeals the most is “Trumpet Lights” with a contagious beat that would make you want to fist pump  Breezy’s vocals are on point and he delivers the goods on this track, however on the  “Bassline”  which is another hardcore dub step beat CB seems to have too much going on as the song sounds like it’s all over the place. Chris turns it down a notch but still manages to keep the techno dance feel on tracks like the lead single “Turn Up The Music” and  “Don’t Wake Me Up”, a track that is sure to be hitting the radio stations real soon. Chris has some guest appearances by his homies Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa on the song “Till I Die” which has Chris trying to keep up with both the rappers on the track. I would say the song is not bad but I feel like Breezy could’ve done better. The surprise guest appearance comes from none other than Nas, however the collab between these two does not live to expectation as Brerezy sounds like he’s on a different page and Nas does his thing but the whole appearance on a CB album makes it odd. Tracks like “Strip”, “Sweet Love” “2012” and “Cadillac” show us why Breezy is a superstar with his liberated vocals and he’s appeal to seduce the ladies on a track. While listening to the CD, Chris talks a lot about his tons of money, his skills as an artist, and his tough guy image. This album is definitely different to his previous one “F.A.M.E.” which had a lot more R&B and that Chis Brown sound that we were used too. “Fortune” is an albumthat has a little something for everyone tho,  from the current dub steppingmusic thats really popular nowadays to the classic R&B sound. Make sure you go and grab a copy of this Chris’s fifth studio album today.



Roger Krastz