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Record Report:



Jared Evan


The Fourth Chapter


Producers: !llmind, Ill Factor




            Jared Evan started working on his EP The Fourth Chapter since 2009, and I can’t be mad at him for the wait. For a debut EP, Jared Evan put a lot of hard work into it and it is pretty obvious in every single song. He collaborated with producers !llmind and Ill Factor to showcase a versatile style and tone in Evan’s voice and musical demeanor. The Fourth Chapter beings with “Letters” which is definitely a pop-esque song with a “Dear Diary” lyrical content, but when the song hits the hook, Jared gives a small sample of his up tempo voice that hits a more R&B sound. The lead single “Traffic Light” comes on next and you can hear the talents in production. The song might be a slower tempo, but the instrumentals are perfectly placed next to Evans smooth voice. He mixes Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop into one in this song and instead of coming out with a confusing sound, the song comes out evenly balanced.

            The EP continues with this well-balanced mix of genres. Jared Evan picks the melodies up with “Kill Me” which mixes a few notable songs in R&B and will get your head bobbing without you even noticing. The memorable single “Charlie Brown” is perfectly placed in the middle of the EP. From the beat, to the lyrics, and everything else in between, this is a great single. Jared Evan starts to wind things down towards the last three songs of the album, but still finishes strong with the sentimental “October 10th” and title track “4th Chapter”. He definitely gives you a flavor that mixes the lines of genres and shows the different dynamics of Jared Evans that should not be necessarily defined.


-Geneva Perezcastaneda (@GeevaBeba)

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