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Young Lace has had his ups and downs but there is no looking back for him now. catches up with Young Lace as we find out where Lace is at mentally, musically, and personally.

I know you just recently came out the pen. How has it been since you’ve been out?

Everything has been overwhelming man, it’s been crazy just a lot of love and we just been working, man. You know I only did one show since I’ve been home but right now we’re putting this tour together starting in July, luckily things have been good so we’ve been able to be back on the scene quick.


Were things already set in place when you got home or was there a plan?

Yeah, I mean first I came home and you know I’ve been working with a cat named “Bryant McKinnie” I went out to Miami and did a couple tracks with him and shot a couple videos, I’m working with him and I’m working with the producers that made Kirko Bangz “Drink In My Cup” of course. Working with Cash Out Kid, there’s a lot of stuff going on right now so luckily it’s going in a good direction.

I see that you have been making a couple visuals for the Above Average mixtape. How do you feel about the tape? Do you feel like this is one of your best projects?

Most definitely, its beyond anything that I’ve ever done and my whole team stepped up ridiculous, it was already good music but now it has a story line and all of it is speaking real s***, it’s all real in our music.

And Cash Out how did you link up with Lace, like was that something that was natural?

Well actually this is my little brother so that’s how we started off top, he f***ed around and started rapping and didn’t have nobody behind him. Me, I come from the streets you know so I put a little push behind him, to try to get us out there. As far as networking, he did all the networking and s*** and he turned me into a rapper, I really was behind the scenes.

So you know I got to ask you about the name and how you are CashOut Kid and then there’s Cash Out and how you feel about that?

I’m a LA n***a but I be in Atlanta and truthfully speaking Cash Out and I really got the name at the same time. We all linked up and f***ed with the same n***as for real. We all used to clown around about who’s gonna take off first obviously he got them in the chokehold with this Cash n Out song but you already know we got more music coming behind this.

Are you looking forward to working with Wiz Khalifa and anyone else within the industry?

I want to work a lot of artists with but mainly its people that we already have ties with. However, Mac Miller, of course Nipsey Hussle, and Frank Ocean are some artists to name a few. There’s just a lot of people making good music it’s just matter of being at the right place at the right time, you know when you hear the right song you know who’s name it got on it.

Do you feel that at this point that you have identified your kind of sound and your style and what you’re bringing to the game?

Yeah, of course I bring fly-ness but it’s just about speaking on my point of view on life. I’ve been to prison you know, a lot of people don’t make it through that system and come out strong and the same person but it’s like I got a lot to talk about what’s really happening in my life.

What was going through your mind while you was in the pen like were you downing yourself? Did you feel that things were happening at the wrong time? Where were you mentally?

Well you know the first couple months is like you get your time and you’re like damn you know you got to do it. You know your whole mindset has to be strong and luckily for me I had a lot of people on the outside: my mom, my brother and you know my family period that kept me strong.

How was Will Bynum (Wiz manager) from Taylor Gang instrumental in helping you take off with your career and mentoring you?

Off top, internet wise, Will has done a lot for me because he knows how to move on the internet and it’s proven with Wiz. He knows what hip-hop web sites to f*** with and putting me on with the right people. Will’s definitely my dude but they just been busy and I can respect that at the same time since they have artists like Wiz and Chevy and Mac. It’s love when people who are doing real big still have enough time to hit you up to see what you been dealing with.


-Danny McLean (@DannyaSavage)